Create brilliant eDMs,

no_code is your solution to creating brand-quality eDMs in-house. Go from concept, to prototype, to market without compromise, transforming the output of your in-house team.

Create in-house

Quickly and easily create eDMs designed to your brand guidelines, without having to rely on outside suppliers.

No digital development

Export your responsive designs direct to any automation technology, removing any digital development.

Easy workflow

Ensure quality, incorporating and documenting all your compliance and brand feedback in one place.

Create emails, in minutes.

no_code empowers marketing teams with no design or coding experience to create fully-responsive emails in minutes – without needing to engage agencies or offshore suppliers for costly digital production.

Drag & Drop 

Pick and choose from a bespoke library of brand-approved modules.

Live HTML preview

Watch your output build in real-time as you add modules, copy and images.

Single file package

In one click, export HTML, image and text-only files as a single package to use with your chosen automation platform.

On-brand. On point.

Modular components custom-built to your brand’s guidelines means a deeper brand integration and governance that other traditional template-based platforms cannot provide.

Full brand integration

Effortlessly enforce governance, guidelines and legal compliance with custom-built, pre-approved modules. 

Searchable asset library

Easily access your brand’s logos, icons and brand-approved imagery from the inbuilt library.

Inbuilt quality assurance

Ensure device and browser compatibility with inbuilt testing capabilities. 

Automated, instantly.

no_code is designed to work perfectly with all major marketing automation platforms, enhancing creative quality and dynamic content capabilities.

Versioning made easy
Simplify the design and packaging of creative variations for your pre-defined customer segments with inbuilt versioning.
Full personalisation support
Preserve the personalisation capabilities of major automation platforms with integrated copy and image placeholders.
Single file
Export HTML, image and text-only files as a single package to your chosen automation platform in one click.

Approvals, simplified.

no_code's in-built workflow management system delivers efficiencies by streamlining project and approval processes.

Quick-find functionality

Navigate between multiple projects simply using custom tags or search terms like project name, description, or author. 

Centralised feedback & approvals

Coordinate all project feedback and approvals in one place with tiered access levels. 

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Work alongside your team in real-time using any desktop web browser, anywhere in the world.

Every touch point, every brand.

Whether you’re a start-up or huge enterprise; whether you’re creating service communications or promoting retail sales and offers, no_code is built for the task.

to marketing

Create a diverse library of communication covering a variety of objectives, tones and personalisation levels.

Multiple brands with ease

Cater to any number of brands that your business supports, and assure consistency within one reliable tool.

Across every office

Scale reliably to multi-location offices thanks to a secure cloud-based infrastructure with no hardware or software requirements.